Modern Japanese Kitchens: Interior Design Ideas*/

Modern Japanese Kitchens: Interior Design Ideas

Modern Japanese Kitchens: Interior Design Ideas

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Modern Japanese Kitchens

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 10:14 AM PDT

There's something to be said about these Japanese kitchens – they are sleek, modern, captivating, and makes quite the dynamic statement. You cannot pin them to a particular mood or tone – they can be warm and cozy or cool and clean. But one popular idea most Japanese kitchens seem to subscribe to is to bring people together, to create a space that can be lived in – a space that incorporates cooking, eating, and relaxing all together. Essentially, a place one would enjoy spending a lot of time in with friends and family – laughing, sharing stories and recipes with, and enjoying the company of each other in a comfortable and inviting room. The designs from ToyoKitchen show all aspects of traditional design though in quite modern settings. Their designs include warm tones with wood flooring and cabinetry and also cooler tones with stainless steel countertops and appliances. One consistent theme you will notice is straight lines – from the cabinetry and flooring to the lighting and seating areas you will see a continuity of simple lines. It is the clean lines and minimalist approach that makes Japanese kitchen design stand out and keeps families cooking, eating, and loving every moment they spend in their beautifully designed rooms.

japanese interiors

zen kitchen and courtyard

japanese wooden kitchen

japanese zen dining



vintage kitchen


steel kitchen yellow accents

small open kitchens

This one is sporting Karim Rashid prints.
This one is sporting Karim Rashid prints.

open kitchen living

modern kitchen shelfs

modern kitchen patterns

modern kitchen dining



luxury white kitchen

light beige kitchen

kitchen wallpaper

kitchen patterns

japanese luxury kitchens

glossy kitchen japanese

colorful rainbow kitcen

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