“Futuristic Exhibition Center Marrying Digital Media & Sustainability” plus 2 more*/

“Futuristic Exhibition Center Marrying Digital Media & Sustainability” plus 2 more

“Futuristic Exhibition Center Marrying Digital Media & Sustainability” plus 2 more

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Futuristic Exhibition Center Marrying Digital Media & Sustainability

Posted: 22 Aug 2011 08:06 AM PDT

ART+COM (a group of designers specializing in designing spaces with new media) has broken down the abstract concept of sustainability for the average person with a tangible digital media exhibition located at Autostadt, Volkswagen’s communications platform in Wolfsburg, Denmark. As a visitor navigates the “Level Green: The Concept of Sustainability” exhibit, they can learn about climate change and its consequences, the importance of sustainability to the planet’s economic and social health, and Volkswagen’s specific approach to the concept. J. Mayer H. designed the center with its 25 media exhibits, all which allow visitors to actively engage in learning not only about the concept, but how they can practice it themselves and implement it into their own lives. Data sculptures enable visitors to visualize and compare the facts and figures more easily. Interactive media walls explain important themes and encourage interaction with playful access to data via touching. The installations even foster a personal connection to the issue by prompting visitors to reflect on their own lifestyles. We think these images provide good fodder for futuristic style enthusiasts.

www.zeitwand.de sustainability green sustainability screen sustainability circular diagram sustainability black diagram sustainability black and green monitors sustainability touch screen diagram sustainability waves screen sustainability diagram sustainability strange diorama sustainability laptops sustainability green 2 sustainability balck and green diagram sustainability circle diagram sustainability black

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A contemporary, ocean side retreat situated on 68 acres of land with over 1,400 feet of oceanfront surrounding it, the Swanwick Ranch House in Metchosin, British Columbia seems to justify its pitch as the “…kind of property that doesn’t exist in many places on Earth”.

Designed by Marko Simcic, the architecture, design, and technology behind the Swanwick House are state of the art. Yet, the house flows well with the natural landscape, respectful and mindful of its beautiful surroundings. The house offers some fantastic views and the Canyon River, which not only surrounds the land around the home, but also serves as the hydrothermal radiant energy that provides cooling and heating to the residence. The layout is open and fluid, interconnecting various rooms and fostering interaction between people even at great distances.

The property is currently listed at Sotheby’s for $17.5M.

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opera red gold elaborate opera red and black opera house white ceiling and red seats Opera House seats opera house red and gold ceiling opera house modern opera house interior gold and red opera house green yellow and red opera house green and ivory opera house gold black red opera house gold and red ceiling opera house gold and green ceiling opera house gold and blue and green opera house circular ceilings opera house blue ceiling and red seats opera house blue adn white ceiling

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